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storms are moving out of our region. the dangerous heat is getting captioned by the national captioning institute a neighborhood war pits man obverses dog versus cash. >> he killed one cats. >> and man admits to a firing out a dog and why he says he would do it again.
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the last-second to block scenic round the world. we are on your side would be lies exposed about dozens of restaurants and make it may cause you to pack on some extra pounds. late breaking developments from fairfax county. a man was shot and killed inside his palm. -- home. live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 11, on your side. we begin tonight with a developing story at a fairfax county where a father has been shot and killed and gunmen remained on the run. the victim was found inside the home in springfield. john gonzales has been on the scene all evening long. he is live with the very latest of the victim. >> 75-year-old lived in the springfield, with his wife and two sons since the early 1980's. police tell us he was shot and
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killed inside the home. there is a lookout for one of his sons. a dramatic scene this neighborhood will not soon forget. >> i saw armed officers with shotguns, across my front lawn. >> residents in this neighborhood knew something was terribly wrong this evening when they saw police officers walking around with high-powered rifles. they said to please go inside your house and lock your doors. >> those police officers are still looking for a man to not they believe that something to do with the shooting death of his own father inside the home. >> closed the garage, locked the doors, just in case somebody was trying to get into a place to hide. >> detective spent hours gathering clues. some neighbors were very concerned to hear a dangerous armed man is on the list tonight. >> they were telling everybody
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to get off of the street. >> neighbors tell us they were -- they have lived here for decades and are extremely loving. the father suffered a stroke a few years back. they cannot think of a reason why somebody would want to harm this gentle 75-year-old man. >> nice, quiet folks. this is kind of a shock. >> detectives have spent hours inside the home interview umbrella tips. they're also looking for one of the family cars. it is a great saturn would virginia tags. let's get to the other big story of the night. the blistering heat that is heading our way. >> storms rolled through our region while we coped with a 90-
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degree temperatures. bob ryan is tracking all of it for us tonight. >> we had some pretty nasty storms. a batch in west virginia out around harper's ferry. another batch forms and did some damage down in st. mary's county. there it another batch trying to fire up because of all the humidity that we have. there is still some iran lexington park and if you are around baltimore. the other story is the heat. our high temperature today was 97 degrees. before the weekend is out, we will pack on about five or six degrees. dew points still well into the 70's. we are under an excessive heat advisory. that is for thursday and probably friday, saturday, and sunday. i am afraid we will be a feeling
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like it is 110 degrees or higher. i will join you in a few minutes with the details. >> 110, that is just brutal. we are monitoring the impact with the heat on the way and what impact it'll have on our region. a showdown in a prince william county community led a man to openly admit that he shot at a neighborhood dogs. this happened in woodbridge. we spoke with the accused gunman. >> the 59-year-old man said he did to protect neighborhood children and some kittens. he admits firing the gun but says he intentionally missed the dog. a cute pet or a killer dog? >> this dog has been attacking
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animals. >> paul ovellette is a self- described animal lover that regulate feed cats. he said the pit bull killed one of them. when it went for three kits in saturday he grabbed his shotgun. >> he came back to me and that is when i fired. >> he grabbed the gun out of the bedroom. i saw that he was pointing a gun and a teenager and a dog. >> she says she understands why he took aim. >> the teenager always has the dog off of the lease. it is not safe. >> as there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood. >> we found the owner of the pit bull. at first, he did not want to talk. eventually, he took us to tiny. some neighbors say just yesterday, they saw him racing for the neighborhood again. >> what if it is train to go after something? >> paul ovellette says if pcs
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can go for another one of his beloved cat or a child, he will shift again. this time, to kill. >> that dog is dangerous. >> he is charged with reckless handling of a firearm. he is in the process of getting an attorney to defend himself. five people entered after a of a large tree branch landed on top of them. that branch fell on members of the bible camp group. the daughter of the pastor of that group says the two men and three children were discharged this evening. the injuries were not life- threatening. the house passes a tea party-backed plan to cut spending. that is the latest developments in the dead showdown on capitol hill. the measure also includes -- the deck showdown on capitol hill. this comes amid hope that the
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gang of six senators say they have agreed upon a major plan to cut the deficit by more than $4 trillion. a plan that would include up to $500 billion in cuts in federal health-care programs. that compromise could include a one trillion dollars in tax increases. president obama supports this plan and says more talks are planned for later on this week. >> the debt crisis will be speaking -- a spokesman confirmed that president obama will speak on campus this friday. the press and will take part in a town hall meeting at the coliseum. a limited number of tickets to be made available to the university. we turn now to the scandal surrounding rupert murdoch. eric holder said he would welcome a meeting with the families of 9/11 victims who are concerned that their telephones may have been hacked. the fbi is investigating whether news corp. targeted 9/11
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victims. the big news of the day was the testimony given by rupert murdoch before parliament. during the proceedings, a man lunged at him only to be struck by his wife. james murdock was about to answer a question when someone on the left, it was so fast it was hard to see what happened. slowly and a man with a paper plate covered in it shaving cream takes aim at rupert murdoch. the woman in paint is his wife. she slapped the assailant who falls backward. the man was arrested. >> this was the most humbling day of my life. >> rupert murdoch an american citizen, presides over a local media empire with $33 billion in revenue. he has no plans to step aside. >> people i trusted betrayed the
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company and to me. it is for them to pay. i am the best person. >> at his side, his son james. born in london, at age 38, an american citizen who runs company operations in europe and asia. >> if i knew debt -- if i knew then what i know now we would've taken more action and moved faster to get to the bottom of these allegations. >> investors appear to have agreed with rupert murdoch. news corp. stock have the best day since the scandal broke. some of the best known restaurants are accused of -- we are on your side with a restaurant on that list. >> the casey anthony, the image that tricked one camera. >> bracing for the oppress it heat how are you preparing?
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you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 with leon harris and alison starling. this is abc 7 news at 11 on your side. the search for casey anthony lead to a well- publicized hoax in orlando. a woman was seen boarding a plane at the orlando executive airport. she was wearing a similar clothing. it turns out the plane's owner was playing a joke. there are hidden calories in some of your favorite dishes. a new study found calorie counts are often wrong. researchers say nearly one in five dishes had at least 100 more calories than listed.
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popular chains like all of garden a boston market outback steakhouse are among those accused of misrepresenting the calories. it appears that the snakehead fish has returned to a maryland waterway. it was found in the river near annapolis on friday. this predatory fish can survive four days outside the water. researchers are urging fishermen to report any sightings. we are one day closer to the worst heat wave of the year. >> people are trying to enjoy the last of the terrible weather that we have right now. -- the terrible weather that we have right now. >> we have heard two stories. on the one side, we have talked to a lot of folks were just
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visiting. they're glad they're getting out of fear. there are folks that live and work here and they plan on staying inside. you would not know which by going to the recreation center in southwest washington. it is really hot outside. >> i hate the heat and it makes me cranky. >> the park was packed with people swimming and playing tennis. >> it feels like you are slicing the air. the air is thick and it is kind of hard to breed. >> in a couple of days, the 90's will leave us only to be replaced by a triple digits. >> i cannot imagine if it gets any hotter how it is going to feel. >> right now, rounding third is not too much of a chore. >> the park will not be in their
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plans. >> i will be endorsed with a nice cold bottle of water. i am not stepping aside for anything. >> do not try to do too much outside. >> fire officials tell me calls for heat related issues definitely up today and yesterday. they certainly expect those calls only to rise in the coming days. >> that sounds behind you is looking pretty good right now. as the heat gets more and fence -- and hence we want to know what you folks are doing to be the heat. send us your pictures about what you see out there to >> we were surprised to see people eating outdoors. >> when we get into this extreme heat, it is the night'ss that are
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so hot. outside, there it is. there is that same fountain down at the world war ii the moral that looks so refreshing. our temperature right now is not so refreshing. we did have some thunderstorms to our south. there has been some lightning down into the northern neck. earlier, there were some nasty storms for you folks in the same -- in st. mary's county. all of that has moved to the south. almost an inch of rain in parts of st. mary's county. it is possible that there may be more tomorrow afternoon too and it could bring some briefed relief. none of these temperatures were
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records. look at minneapolis, it is 91 degrees. the heat index is 107. earlier today the temperature through parts of the northern plains was entity 80's. it was because of the terrible flooding. it was almost like having the louisiana bayou move into the northern plains. that is the reason why the heat is so dangerous for the northern plains because the nighttime just does not cool down. we are under a heat watch. by the time we get into friday and saturday, daytime temperatures are likely to be of of 100 degrees. for you folks to ron harper's ferry, may be coming our way to the northwest. the main thing will be the heat and hot weather continuing to adjust bake us day after day. when you had out tomorrow, because of some of the clouds around not getting below 80
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degrees. our high temperature tomorrow afternoon, 95 degrees. the worst is to come thursday, friday saturday. low temperatures only about 80 degrees. friday and saturday, that is the time we may see a record high temperature. you can keep posted about the weather 24/7 at we are always tweeting about the weather. over 1000 followers on twitter. we will keep you posted one way or another. >> weekend brunch plans why these folks are fine dining on the road.
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this week heatwave remains the top trending story on other stories include a police chase and frederick county. imagine fine dining in los angeles. i bet it does not look like this. a group of friends took advantage of a lack of carmageddon. they held a sunday brunch rights in the middle of the empty 405. what did they eat? eggs benedict. >> did they have delivery? >> i do not know. they have candlesticks and everything. that is hysterical. >> ride above the turn to go to the rose bowl. never had brunch there before. nfl training camp will be a delayed for a couple of weeks as
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continuing to show growing pains and a fellow began -- they fell again below 500. davey johnson took over and he is now eight and 11 as a manager. they lost to houston tonight. pick it up in the top of the third. michael morris hit a fly ball. a two-run home run his second homer in two nights. in the top of the sixth washington was battling. in the bottom of the sixth michael singles home. houston be the national 7-6. the national solid game below 500 once again. tehe birds broke it open with back-to-back home runs. all the time they were ready to sit down again a homer to left-
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center field. the nfl as negotiations continued in its new york city today. there is still no complete deal in place and training camp for the bears and the rams, the first two teens, have now been delayed. the hall of fame game will be pushed back a few games -- a few days. they are working around-the- clock to get close to agreeing to a new collective bargaining agreement. >> i am pretty sure that it will go through. they did a pretty good job with it. he would not bring it to them if it was something that would pass. i am pretty short -- hopefully they will be able to get back. >> there has been a lot of reasons for rory's -- just
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before the british open, he splits with his longtime girlfriend. he reports that he is in a very close friendship with the world's number-one tennis player. could have predicted that. the game will be played saturday in san antonio. >> so you predicted that he was going to break up with this girl friend? unbelievable.
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>> it is not the heat, it is the humidity. it is gone to be both.
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it will feel like it is 110 degrees. verizon claims its 4g lte is twice as fast as at&t. we're puining them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album.
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the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest network in america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution.
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